CURTONI: Il Ritmo della Terra (audio version)

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Released 16 June 2023
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Released 16 June 2023
(digital only release – no physical version)
Full music video version: Il Ritmo della Terra – film version

Lamberto CURTONI (b. 1987)
Il Ritmo della Terra (The Rhythm of the Earth) (2020)
For voice, vibraphone, percussion, strings and harpsichord

Text by Mariangela Gualtieri (b. 1951)

Simone Rubino voice, percussion solo
Lamberto Curtoni cello solo

Live Music Now Musicians:
Bomi Song, Hani Song violin
Yushan Li a.G viola
Johannes Välja cello
Kalle Jonathan Helm double bass
Moritz Knapp, Christina Lehaci percussion
Johanna Soller harpsichord

Contains extra bonus tracks not heard on the film

Supported by Borletti-Buitoni Trust

Stream/download the full audio album here:–curtoni-il-ritmo-della-terra