PREETHI DE SILVA ‘Keyboard Music in the Empfindsamer Style’ (CPE Bach / JG Müthel)

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Preethi de Silva harpsichord, fortepiano

Tracks 1-5:  first digital releases / never released on CD

1-3. Carl Philipp Emanuel BACH (1714-1788)
6. Württemberg Sonatas, W49: No. 6 in  B minor  [17:57]
Preethi de Silva harpsichord

4. Johann Gottfried MÜTHEL (1728-1788)
Arioso and 12 Variations in G major  [12:52]
Preethi de Silva fortepiano

5. Johann Gottfried MÜTHEL
Arioso and 12 Variations in C minor  [14:31]
Preethi de Silva fortepiano

6. Carl Philipp Emanuel BACH
Variations on Folies d’Espagne,
H263 (Wq118/9)
Preethi de Silva harpsichord

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Tracks 1-5:
Previously issued on LP Titanic Ti-123, released in 1984
Original production director: Ralph Dopmeyer
Recording engineer: Ralph Dopmeyer, assisted by Peter Sutheim
Technical assistant: Janine Poletti with Stephan Moss
Editing: Ralph Dopmeyer & Joseph Spencer with Preethi de Silva

Track 6:
Previoulsy issued on CD First Hand Records FHR11, released in 2011
Recorded in the Garrison Theater, Scripps Performing Arts Centre, Claremont, Califonia, USA, May 17-19, 2010
Engineer: Matthew Snyder
Producer: Preethi de Silva

This reissue:
Remastering engineer: Jonathan Mayer (FHR)
Reissue artwork: David Murphy (FHR)

Cover painting, portrait of Johann Gottfried Müthel, from a private collection. Reproduced by kind permission of Frau Adelheid Busch née Müthel, Hanover, Germany.

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