HINDEMITH: Ludus Tonalis / K.A. HARTMANN: Piano Sonata ‘27 April 1945’

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‘Recommended’ (Musical Opinion)
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UK release: 1 June 2018
Europe release date: 6 April 2018
USA release date: 1 June 2018
Digital/streaming date: 1 June 2018

Esther Walker piano

Paul HINDEMITH (1895-1963)
1-25 Ludus Tonalis (1942)

Karl Amadeus HARTMANN (1905-1963)
26-28 Piano Sonata ‘27 April 1945’ (second piano sonata)
[Manuscript II] (1945, rev. 1947)

Recorded at the Musica Théâtre, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, 24-27 January 2016
Engineered and produced by Małgorzata Albińska-Frank
24bit, 48kHz hi-resolution recording and mastering
Booklet notes by Richard Whitehouse

Press Quotes

“…She has taken her time with her international debut CD – and one can hear that. The result is an account of Ludus Tonalis which is convincing in every detail – a well thought through and sophisticated triumph… Alongside the spacious and luminous sound, what gives such pleasure in Walker’s playing is the freshness and vitality of her conception of the work, far removed from any academic dryness. Never for an instant is there an impression here of being engaged simply with „contrapuntal, technical exercises for the piano“ – the subtitle of what is surely Hindemith’s most important work for the piano…” (Fono Forum Musik: 4.5 stars | Klang: 4 stars)

“…Sie hat sich Zeit gelassen mit ihrem internationalen Plätten-Debüt – und das hört man. Herausgekommen ist eine Darstellung des Ludus Tonalis, die bis in alle Einzelheiten überzeugt – ein durchdachter und ausgefeilter Wurf. … Was bei Walker Freude macht, ist neben dem weiträumigen und leuchtendem Klangbild die Frische und Lebendigkeit ihres Zugriffs fern jeder akademischen Trockenheit. Da kommt in keinen Augenblick der Eindruck auf, hier würden nur „kontrapunktische und klaviertechnische Übungen“ – so der Untertitel von Hindemiths sicherlich bedeutendstem Klavierwerk – betrieben…” (Fono Forum Musik: 4.5 stars | Klang: 4 stars)

“In this superb and technically fine recording, Esther Walker presents this work in a manner of which I feel certain the composer [Hindemith] would have enthusiastically approved. Her part-playing and technical command are exemplary, her intellectual control absolutely right… Esther Walker’s magnificent account of this piece [Hartmann] may well come as a revelation. Her playing is superb, especially of the wry coda to the finale.” (Fanfare, Robert Matthew-Walker)

“… The playing is of the highest intelligence… This is a remarkable performance, and the recording standard is superb… This is a superb release on each and every level” (Fanfare, Colin Clarke)“One cannot imagine finer performances of these two works.” (Fanfare, James H. North)

“This marvelous recording has been a real ear opener for me…. This brilliant pianist plays the sprawling work (53 minutes) with infectious enthusiasm and draws unexpectedly rich expression from it…. She smiles brightly on the cover, as well she might.” (American Record Guide)

“There may be more virtuosic renditions of this (Ludus tonalis), but few as musical. Walker’s musical intelligence is shown also in the less-then-obvious coupling, Karl Amadeus Hartmann’s Second Piano Sonata…. I much enjoyed Walker’s range of colours in the Sonata…. but even more the musicality of her accounts. Recommended.” (Musical Opinion)