SKEMPTON: Man and Bat • Piano Concerto • The Moon is Flashing • Eternity’s Sunrise

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Released Autumn/Winter 2019
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Howard SKEMPTON (1947–)

1. Man and Bat (2017) (text: D.H. Lawrence)
Roderick Williams baritone
Ensemble 360
(Benjamin Nabarro, Hannah Dawson violins,
Ruth Gibson viola, Gemma Rosefield cello,
Leon Bosch double bass, Tim Horton piano)

Piano Concerto (2015)
(version for piano and string quartet, 2018)
2. I. Andante
3. II.
4. III.
5. IV.
6. V.
Ensemble 360
(Tim Horton piano,
Benjamin Nabarro, Claudia Ajmone-Marsan violins,
Ruth Gibson viola, Gemma Rosefield cello)

The Moon is Flashing (2007)
(version for tenor and chamber ensemble, 2018)
7. The Moon is Flashing (text: Howard Skempton)
8. A Day in 3 Wipes (text: Chris Newman)
9. Snake (text: D.H. Lawrence)
James Gilchrist tenor
Ensemble 360
(Matt Hunt clarinet, Benjamin Nabarro violin,
Gemma Rosefield cello, Tim Horton piano)

10. Eternity’s Sunrise (2003)
Ensemble 360
(Daniel Pailthorpe flute, Matt Hunt clarinet in A,
Lucy Wakeford harp, Benjamin Nabarro violin,
Claudia Ajmone-Marsan viola, Gemma Rosefield cello)