SKEMPTON: Man and Bat • Piano Concerto • The Moon is Flashing • Eternity’s Sunrise

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Skempton’s music is exquisite and simple, with strong clarity and sophistication. His finely-crafted, distinctive writing is sometimes catchy, sometimes transcendental, always memorable.

“He [Skempton] has gifted us yet another tour de force for the gleeful performer and audiences are in for a real treat.”
(Roderick Williams on Man and Bat)

“I think it’s a wonderful piece. I have no idea why it works and hangs together as a whole, but it does, I feel incredibly lucky to have been involved. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance. I loved this piece” (James Gilchrist on The Moon is Flashing)

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Released in UK: October
Released in Germany: 18 October
Release in the rest of Europe: October
Digital/Streaming: 18 October
USA/Canada: 18 October

Howard SKEMPTON (1947–)

1. Man and Bat (2017) (text: D.H. Lawrence)
Roderick Williams baritone
Ensemble 360
(Benjamin Nabarro, Hannah Dawson violins,
Ruth Gibson viola, Gemma Rosefield cello,
Leon Bosch double bass, Tim Horton piano)

Piano Concerto (2015)
(version for piano and string quartet, 2018)
2. I.
3. II.
4. III.
5. IV.
6. V.
Ensemble 360
(Tim Horton piano,
Benjamin Nabarro, Claudia Ajmone-Marsan violins,
Ruth Gibson viola, Gemma Rosefield cello)

The Moon is Flashing (2007)
(version for tenor and chamber ensemble, 2018)
7. The Moon is Flashing (text: Howard Skempton)
8. A Day in 3 Wipes (text: Chris Newman)
9. Snake (text: D.H. Lawrence)
James Gilchrist tenor
Ensemble 360
(Matthew Hunt clarinet, Benjamin Nabarro violin,
Gemma Rosefield cello, Tim Horton piano)

10. Eternity’s Sunrise (2003)
Ensemble 360
(Daniel Pailthorpe flute, Matthew Hunt clarinet, Lucy Wakeford harp,
Benjamin Nabarro, Claudia Ajmone-Marsan violins,
Ruth Gibson viola, Gemma Rosefield cello)

All première recordings
Produced by Tim Oldham • co-produced by Music the Round
Engineered by Phil Rowlands
24bit, 96kHz hi-resolution recording and mastering
Booklet notes by Howard Skempton
Artwork by David Murphy (FHR)