ITAMAR ZORMAN – Violin Odyssey

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The far-reaching geographical origins of the repertoire – from New Zealand to the United States by way of Sudan, China, Russia, Poland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Israel and Mexico – reveal a fascinating variety of styles and cultural diversity in these seldom heard works. Two larger works set the framework of the album – Slavonic Sonata (1917) written by Croatian noblewoman Dora Pejačević and the Second Sonata for Violin and Piano (1927) by Czech composer Erwin Schulhoff. While sharing Eastern European flavour, the two sonatas, written only ten years apart, are worlds apart stylistically. These particularly dramatic works are complemented by a programme of shorter pieces with evocative titles that suggest little adventures and encounters on a traveller’s journey.

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3 June 2022
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Released: May 20 2022

ITAMAR ZORMAN violin – Violin Odyssey

Itamar Zorman violin
Ieva Jokubaviciute piano 1
Kwan Yi piano 2
Julia Thompson tambourine *

Grazyna BACEWICZ (1909–1969)
Oberek No. 1 (1949)  1

Moshe ZORMAN (1952–)
Wanderings (1994)  1

Joseph ACHRON (1886–1943)
Children’s Suite, Op. 57 (c. 1925) (arr. Jascha HEIFETZ (1901–1987)) 2

Dora PEJAČEVIĆ (1885–1923)
Sonata for Violin and Piano No. 2 in B flat minor, Op. 43, Slavonic Sonata (1917)  1

Silvestre REVUELTAS (1899–1940)
Afilador (1924)  1
Tierra p’a las macetas (1924)  1

Ali OSMAN (1958–2017)
Afromood (2010) 2 *

Gao PING (1970–)
Questioning the Mountains (2008)  1

Gareth FARR (1968–)
Wakatipu (2009)

Erwin SCHULHOFF (18941942)
Sonata for Violin and Piano No. 2 (1927) 2

William Grant STILL (18951978)
Summerland (1935) 1

Recorded at Baldwin Hall, Dukes University, Durham, North Carolina, USA, 23–25 February 2021
Produced by Judith Sherman
Engineered by Chris Boerner
Editing assistance by Jeanne Velonis
Mastered by Judith Sherman and Jeanne Velonis
24bit, 96kHz high resolution recording, editing and mastering

Single released 20 May 2022 (streaming and download only, available on all digital platforms)

Press Quotes

“Violin Odyssey—a striking collection which showcases Zorman’s incredible virtuosity and variety of sound… Zorman’s virtuosity dazzles as he flies through furiously fast passages, never once losing his commitment to the work’s emotional intensity.” (The Cusp)