Pulsar Trio – Erpelparka Suite

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‘A really interesting CD’ (UK Jazz Radio)
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Pulsar Trio
From Germany. Unique compositions and improvisations.

Matyas Wolter sitar
Beate Wein piano
Aaron Christ drums / percussion

Recording date: 14-18 December 2011
Recording venue: Wein Residence, Altdöbern, Germany
Engineer: Kai Mader
Producer: Kai Mader
Mastering engineer: Nikolaus Schwab
Release date: 12 November 2012
Total duration: 49mins 41secs

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After many acclaimed appearances in Festivals all over Germany and Austria, it was inevitable that the Pulsar Trio would produce their debut album. Erpelparka Suite comprises 13 original compositions ranging from complex works, often set to unusual meters, to catchy and danceable pieces. The trio‘s unusual and minimalistic combination of instruments creates sound that is unique, fresh and instantly appealing. This is quirky, innovative music that sounds like jazz blended with Kraftwerk or Can in a classical landscape; Erpelparka Suite is hypnotic, imaginative music.

Classically trained in India, the band leader and sitarist Matyas Wolter uses his strong musical sense and instrumental skills to take his instrument beyond its expected terrain. His artistic craftsmanship is vivid, his voice blending seamlessly with the trio‘s natural dynamic

Pianist Beate Wein is the pulsating heart of the trio, churning out fat layers of sound and harmony, on which the ethereal sounds of sitar hovers upon. Her powerful, busy left hand naturally filling the bass part of the group.

Aaron Christ‘s drumming is straightforward but driving, packing juicy grooves and creates some irresistibly danceable tracks.


Press Quotes

“…really interesting CD… very nice stuff…” [Peter Slavid, UKJAZZRADIO]

…I decided to go to the stage at Freiligrathstraße to listen to Pulsar Trio. It was one of the best decisions of the whole  weekend. The festival guide promised classical music traditions from India and the West as well as unique soundscapes in between compositions and improvisations. That description was wholly fulfilled, the slightly psychedelic sound of the purely instrumental band smoothly penetrated the ears and remained there. Sitar, drums and piano were in full harmony for nearly an hour and with a big applause the trio said goodbye. Still dizzy after this terrific band i left for Heinepark…” [festivalhopper.de]

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