Judy Garland – The Amsterdam Concert (2CD) [No longer available on CD – streaming/download available only]

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‘This is yet another “must have." ’ (The Judy Room)
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First official complete commercial release of the legendary
10 December 1960 concert

Judy Garland vocals
David Lee piano
Jos Cleber’s Cosmopolitan Orchestra / Norrie Paramor

Recording / broadcast date: 10 December 1960
Recording venue: Tuschinski Theatre, Amsterdam, Holland
Original broadcast engineers & producers: AVRO (Algemene Vereniging Radio Omroep or General Association of Radio Broadcasting)
Remastering engineer: Debs Spanton (K&A Productions Ltd, UK)
CD issue producers: Jonathan Summers & FHR
Liner notes: Jonathan Summers
Release date: 12 November 2012
Total duration: 2 hrs 06 mins 19 secs

After the resounding success of Judy Garland – The London Studio Recordings, 1957-1964 (FHR12), First Hand Records and producer Jonathan Summers are proud to present the first legitimate release of the World’s Greatest Entertainer in her celebrated concert at the Tuschinski Theatre in Amsterdam.  The midnight performance of 10 December 1960 was broadcast live by AVRO, the Dutch radio network and these original tapes have been licensed to FHR for remastering and release on compact disc and digital download.

This release will include the full programme of 30 songs as performed by Garland plus interviews with Garland, Sid Luft and conductor Norrie Paramor.  The booklet will be lavishly illustrated with photographs of Garland performing on stage at the Tuschinski Theatre.

Garland was at the peak of her career here, only four months after the London Studio Recordings and four months before the famous Carnegie Hall concert.

This special priced 2CD jewel case issue will be released in Autumn/Fall 2012 and copies can be purchased two weeks prior to its official release date at a further discounted price direct from the FHR website.

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Press Quotes

“Judy Garland never treated life or work like it was a dress rehearsal. For Judy,  it always had to be a full out, no holds barred performance, with encores! And that spirit, and sense of joie de vivre, can be heard on the latest Garland release from First Hand Records” (The Judy Garland Experience)

Judy Garland in Amsterdam” is a unique and thoroughly enjoyable time capsule.  The oft used phrase “You are there” is apropos here.  Judy Garland fans will rejoice, as this 2 CD release finally presents her 1960 Amsterdam concert complete and remastered from the original tapes… In short the CD is beautifully produced, and the liner notes by Jonathan Summers thoroughly detail Judy’s time in Holland and the sometimes dramatic circumstances of the concert.  This is yet another “must have.” (The Judy Room)

“…an invaluable document of her artistry in this pre-Carnegie period… the British label has once again done a superlative job in restoring and reissuing this fifty-two year old recording…” (ASRC Journal)

“Listening to it today is a spellbinding experience recreated to be as magical as the listening to it “live” in that coveted audience 50 years ago.” (Daeida Magazine)

“Excellent notes by Jonathan Summers detail the singer’s stay in Holland as well as revealing some dramatic happenings regarding the concert arrangements and overall this is a release that deserves wide approval” (In Tune International Magazine)

 This live set was recorded by Dutch radio four months before New York with Garland in excellent voice and sounding incredibly relaxed and playful.” (**** Philly.com)

“Garland is in fabulous voice here… the singer’s amazing ability to welcome any audience into her world, and give them a two-hour-plus concert blatantly showed the strength of her desire to entertain, and the ultimate level of comfort that she had when on stage” (Edge Philadelphia)