CABINET OF WONDERS, Vol. 1 – VILSMAYR • VISCONTI • SCHREIVOGEL: Sonatas for Violin and Basso Continuo (includes première recordings)

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RECOMMENDED (Musicweb International)
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Works from the early 18th-Century Schrank II archive collection, Dresden

Kinga Ujszászi baroque violin
Tom Foster

Johann Joseph VILSMAYR (1663–1722)
Partita (Sonata) in E flat major for Scordatura Violin and Basso Continuo (manuscript) *
(open strings B♭ – E♭ – B♭– E♭)
I. Prelude [Grave – Presto]
2. II. Aria [Tarde]
3. III. Aria [Adagio]
4. III. Passagalia [Allegro – Presto]
5. IV. Menuett
6. V. Final

Gasparo VISCONTI (1683–1731)
Sonata in C minor for Violin and Basso Continuo (manuscript)
7. I. Grave
8. II. Allegro Moderato
9. III. –

Sonata in F major for Violin and Basso Continuo (manuscript) *
10. I. Andante
11. II. Allegro
12. III. Adagio
13. IV. Menuet

Johann Friedrich SCHREIVOGEL (fl. 1707–1749) (AKA SCHREYFOGEL)
Sonata in E minor for Violin and Basso Continuo
14. I. Grave
15. II. Andante
16. III. Allegro assai

Sonata in D minor for Violin and Basso Continuo (manuscript)
17. I. –
18. II. Allegro
19. III. Adagio
20. IV. –

Sonata in E flat major for Violin and Basso Continuo *
21. I. Vivace
22. II. Largetto
23. III. Allegro

Première recording *
Manuscripts from the Schrank II (Cabinet II) collection, Dresden (collected/copied by Johann Georg Pisendel (1687–1755)) except † from the Tartini Collection held at the Jean Gray Hargrove Memorial Library at the University of Berkeley, California

Schreivogel Sonata in E minor and Sonata in E flat major published by Edition HH, edited by Michael Talbot

Recorded at the Church of the Ascension, Plumstead, London, UK, 14–16 March 2020
Tracks 7–9 and 18–20 produced by David Gerrard, all other tracks produced by Tom Hammond (Chiaro Audio)
24bit, 96kHz hi-resolution recording, editing and mastering by John Croft (Chiaro Audio)

Album painting by Madeline von Foerster:

Press Quotes

“The Largo [Albicastro] teams with rhapsodic ideas marvellously developed by the two interpreters. The duo questioned, like many, the historical treatises on the art of accompaniment and on instrumental expression, but they transcend, by the naturalness of their realization, the codes of style and offer new expressive ways. The icing on the cake, the sound recording is a model of its kind: it achieves a perfect balance between the instruments and restores the timbres with striking realism.” (‘Choc de Classica’ – Classica Magazine)

“Together these artists have produced a disc which deserves to be part of every collection of baroque violin music. There is every reason to give it a special recommendation.” (RECOMMENDED, Musicweb International)

“…the real stars of the Cabinet of Wonders are the artists themselves, King Ujszászi (baroque violin) and Tom Foster (harpsichord) who capture the spirit and style of these pieces and bring them to life through their wonderful playing. The continuo is always an equal partner – too often these days it is subservient. The balance and clarity of the two instruments if excellent throughout. I greatly look forward to the next volume of the Cabinet of Wonders.” (The Consort)

“This is one exciting release of show-stopping performances…. Kinga Ujszaszi’s violin playing is wonderful—creative, expressive, and moody… Tom Foster’s harpsichord accompaniments are sensitive… Kinga Ujszaszi is a talented violinist. She has full command of the technique required, but also the musical sensitivity to pull off the lyrical movements. Lovely playing” (American Record Guide)

“….Ujszászi’s playing and interpretations strike me as near ideal. The high level of technique needed to play this repertoire is still there in abundance… Tom Foster’s continuo support, on a mellow-toned copy by Keith Hill of a Taskin of 1769 tuned to unequal-temperament, is splendid…”  (Early Music Review)

“Cet album regorge d’ceuvres melodieuses cif la beaute et l’harnnonie ne cessent de se croiser. Le violon de K. Ujszaszi et le clavecin de T. Foster forment un duo plein de charme.” (4.5/5 Classique HD)

“Vilsmayr’s Partita in E flat major, which opens the disc, is remarkable… The opening Prelude is arresting, with a ghostly sound initially from the violin, leading into a virtuosic Presto with beautifully sweet double-stopping here from Ujszászi… a fabulous Passacaglia is kicked off emphatically by Foster here, with Ujszászi’s rasping unison double-stops… Ujszászi’s virtuosic string crossing and rapid finger work is highly impressive and a delight to listen to.” (Classical Notes)

“They are musical works that demand special, high technical and expressive skills if they want to come into their own, and fortunately this is the case with Kinga Ujszászi and her accompanist Tom Foster …Very nicely played and recorded very nicely. ” (

“From the depths of the Dresden archives, violinist Kinga Ujszászi and harpsichordist Tom Foster bring wonderful, deeply felt and virtuoso sparkling music to light.” (Concerti)